Piren Fasl

Mage from the old Mishtai city


3rd level Gestalt Wizard-Archivist

HP: 24

Initiative: +0

Speed: 30 ft. (20ft. with backpack)

AC: 12 Flatfooted AC: 10 Touch AC: 12

Base Attack Bonus: +1 Grapple Modifier: +1

Attack: Staff, +1 to hit, 20 crit x2, B

Dagger, +1 to hit on melee, +3 to hit on range, 19-20 crit x2, P/S

Alignment: N/LG

Saves: +6 fort, +3 reflex, +6 will

Abilitity Scores:

11 str

14 dex

16 con

17 int

16 wis

13 cha

Skills: Concentration +9, Decipher Script +11 Knowledge(Arcana) +13, Knowledge(Religion) +9, Knowledge(History) +9, Knowledge(The Planes) +9, Spellcraft +11

Feats: Collegiate Wizard, Spellcasting Prodigy, Incarnum Spellshaping

Equipment: spellbook, spell component pouch, staff, traveller’s outfit, Piren’s Journal, prophecy re: Piren and group (book), dagger, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, 10 candles, 8 ink vials, inkpen, 4 instructional books, 6 days trail rations, waterskin, diamond (200 gp) 275 gp, 5 sp

Pack Items: spellbook, spell component pouch, Piren’s Journal, prophecy re: Piren and group (book), backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, 10 candles, 8 ink vials, inkpen, 4 instructional books, 6 days trail rations, waterskin, diamond (200 gp) 275 gp, 5 sp

Equipment weight:

Pack Weight:

Body weight:

Total weight:

Total Weight w/out pack:

Height: 5’ 7’’

Age: 24

Light load:

Medium load:

Heavy Load:

Languages: Common, Draconic, modern Mishtai, Celestial

Wizard Spells: 1st Level (5 per day): identify, unseen servant, comprehend languages, magic missile, shocking grasp, mage armour, erase, colour spray, lesser orb of electricity, shield, scholar’s touch, locate city, detect incranum, protection from incarnum

2nd Level: incarnum arc, soul boon

Archivist Spells: 1st Level: cure light wounds, comprehend languages, sanctuary, command, endure elements, entropic shield, lesser vigour, resurgence, omen of peril, detect incarnum

2nd Level: cure moderate wounds


Piren Fasl was born and raised in the old Mishtai city, former capital of the Mishtai’s grand empire. He grew up in a Cobbler’s shop that is run by his parents to this day, along with his brother Otis and his sister Claire. While appreciating the necessity of his parents’ work (such that it was), Piren found his day to day life cleaning shoes to be rather unfulfilling. His interests lay in the workings of the world at large. He would spend hours wandering the ruins of the city, trying to imagine what it once looked like in its days of glory. Such daydreams lead him to feelings of dismay over how the world had turned out. 2000 years since the Great War, and had civilisation gotten back on its feet? NO! Neither the Rilkan nor even the Skarn had established any dominion of significance, leaving the world a shadow of its former self. Even worse, in Piren’s eyes, was humanity’s failure to rise to the occasion. All of it such a waste, and Piren Fasl would have no more of it.

Piren began to study magic independent of tutelage from anyone at the age of 14, and in turn tutored others for a small sum. In the course of his studies he gained an interest in the mythical substance called Incarnum, for in its potential as a source of energy he saw nothing less than the revival of civilisation. By age 24 he had studied all available texts throoughly, and gained mastery of a modest array of basic spells. Having learned all he could with the resources at his disposal, Piren then decided to set out towards a monastery in the wasteland where he had heard rumours of unusual beings that may be linked, somehow, to Incarnum.

Piren Fasl

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