Lawful good, and ready to spread some ass-kicking JUSTICE!


Character Name: Dimitri

Player: Jess

Class and Level: Soulborn 2

Race: Azurin

Alignment: Lawful Good

Deity: Domen

Size: Medium

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1"

Weight: 190lbs

Campaign: Incarnum

Hair: Deep Black

Skin: Rather Pale

Eyes: Blue

STR: 18- +4

DEX: 13- +1

CON: 15- +2

INT: 11- +0

WIS: 10- +0

CHA: 14- +2

AC: 16

HP: 12

Fortitude Save: 5

Reflex Save: 1

Will Save: 0

Base Attack Bonus: +2

Longsword, +5, 1d8 dmg, 19-20×2 crit, 4lbs, slashing

Longbow, +2, 1d8 dmg, x3 crit, 100ft, 3lbs, piercing

20 arrows, 3lbs

Studded Leather armour, +3 AC, -1 Check penalty, 15% spell failure, speed 30ft, 20lbs

Heavy Wooden Shield, +2 AC, -2 Check penalty, 15% spell failure, 10lbs

Class features:

smite opposition: 1/day add CHA to attack roll, 1pt of damage/soulborn level

aura: inky black and smells like vanilla

weapon and armour proficiency

incarnum defense: immunity to fear, golden eyes


Born from human parents, Sophie and Osiris, Dimitri the Azurin was destined to be different from his family from his very first day on earth. Devastated by their son’s freakish blue eyes, the couple argued about his possible lineage, hurling accusations of adultery at one another, neither adult capable of grasping the strange circumstances of their son’s birth. Some time passed, and Dimitri’s parents noticed he was growing at an alarmingly accelerated rate, able to walk and talk easily at the impossible age of six months. His rapid progression was an uncomfortable reminder of the unresolved debates regarding the origins of his parenting, and Sophie and Osiris began to squabble with each other with renewed force. Dimitri began to stand as a representation of their deep mistrust and loathing for one another, each person’s suspicions of adultery augmented by his strange sky blue eyes roaming restlessly from face to face. Their marriage did not last much longer, though neither parent wanted to lay claim on the child. He was soon dumped off on the doorstep of a local orphanage in Gibraklatar, both parents hastily fleeing from their guilt.

Dimitri suffered in that orphanage for seven long years, a caged animal, rattling uselessly against the bars. The caretakers of the orphanage gave Dimitri nutrition and a place to sleep, but he was left by himself the majority of his life there. His physical needs were sustained, but his mind was a cesspool of confusion. Over time, his body grew stronger, his will more independent, and when his body was roughly ten years old, he escaped the orphanage and fled east toward the mountain ranges. There, Dimitri wandered restlessly, going where his feet took him, though he still felt an unsettling sense of emptiness wherever he went. Despair and hopelessness again gripped his heart even as hunger and thirst ravaged his insides. Utterly miserable, Dimitri lay down on the crumbled shale at the foot of the mountain ranges and waited to die.

Annoyed at how long the process was taking, Dimitri opened his eyes and was startled to see the blue gleaming eyes of a woman hovering above him, lines of concern wrinkling her forehead. She whispered something he didn’t quite catch, and bent down to pick up his limp body in her arms and carried him off. When Dimitri awoke, he thought an angel had come and taken him to heaven, but realized with some irritation that he still felt hungry and thirsty even while dead. The woman appeared in his view again, and introduced herself as Maiyan. She explained how she and her friends had come across his limp body on the mountainside and carried him to safety. She continued to explain that he was an Azurin, like herself, and they had a small colony in the mountains where like-minded individuals lived and worked and learned alongside one another. Maiyan smiled her angel’s smile and invited Dimitri to join their family, if he was willing to learn and work hard to be a useful person someday. Dimitri agreed immediately, and would have been just as willing and excited had the woman told him he must jump off the mountain’s ledge. He knew that from that day on, he would do anything for this woman to see her smile.

Years passed, and Dimitri had worked unendingly to become a functional and useful member of the colony. He had gained something precious which he had never understood nor experienced in his life before: friendship. Other Azurin children were sometimes rescued and brought to the colony like himself, and Dimitri grew particularly close to an Azurin male named Hepsilon. Together, they had learned how to fight, and more importantly, what to fight for. Maiyan had tutored the children diligently about pantheons and wars amongst gods and man’s purpose in life in Staglin. She taught Dimitri in particular to worship Domen, the lawful good god of justice and law and righteousness. Dimitri absorbed the entire culture and way of life like a giant sponge, ecstatic to finally have an understanding of his purpose in life. He knew that he must use his newly learned skills of combat to protect the helpless, to spread justice and kindness in the world in the name of Domen. He owed his entire life and his reason for living to Maiyan, for introducing him to this beautiful world of purpose and duty which he had neglected for the first half of his life.

On his fourteenth birthday, a party was held in the colony to officially welcome Dimitri as an adult member of their society. The colony was standing inside a cave, hoping to surprise their family member as he came home from foraging, when disaster struck. An earthquake struck the mountain range, and the tunnel the colony had been waiting in collapsed inward, burying every Azurin in the family with mounds of rubble. Dimitri heard their agonized cries, and rushed toward the cave, his heart beating wildly, but he didn’t make it on time. Neither one shred of Hepsilon’s clothing, nor one golden hair from Maiyan’s beautiful head remained of his family.

For a long time, Dimitri wandered aimlessly again, nearly driven mad with his grief. He ate only enough to keep his body alive, and kept his mind blank and feral, not wanting to face his agony and his loss. One night, he dreamt of Maiyan, a beautiful golden haired angel watching him, but she was furious. She demanded to know why Dimitri had given up his faith, and why he wasted time feeling sorry for himself when he should be spreading justice and aiding the hopeless in the lands. Dimitri could not answer. He had quite honestly not thought even once about Domen since grief had assaulted his mind. He looked into her deep angel’s eyes, now golden instead of sky blue, and promised that he would serve her with every last breath in his body.

“That’s my child.” She smiled.


Incarum Incarnate Schulario