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The world of Staglin

The world of Staglin is in a state of decay. Since the end of the Great War, and The Gods Warthe source of power in Staglin has disappeared and with it so has the will to live. Monsters now roam freely, the old capital is a crumbling ruin of what it once was. The mage islands on the sea of clouds have withdrawn contact with the main continent. The tribes to the east over the vast mountains have thrived in this new world but have forgotten the gods that created them. The islands to the north east which were discovered in the high days of the Mishtai have lost the grandeur they once held as people struggle to survive on the mainland, let alone on the uninhabited islands. Incarnum is but a mere legend and the societies that used to learn from it only exist in the history books. The world is in desperate need of heroes to save it from itself.

A new threat has presented itself to the world recently, The Lost. Although the Breaking of the Wellspring and the resurrection of the Great Tree Yggdrasil have done much to aid the world, they alone cannot can keep Xenn’s Corruption from showing the world over.

The Brotherhood of the Learned has resurfaced to the world and has begun recruiting adventurers to help them in their goals but they must face off against their old opposition, The Azure Society.

Main Page

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