Great War

The Great War was caused by the division of the Mishtai into the Rilken and the Skarn. The old Mishtai goal of perfection did not sit well with the Rilken. They did not care to reach a state of perfectness but instead wanted to experience all the great tales the world had to offer. They felt that without flaws there would be no suspense, tragedy or drama. In becoming perfect the Rilken would lose what they held most dear: adventure. The Skarn were not pleased with this deviation from the path the gods set the Mishtai on.

The Skarn repeatedly attempted to force the Rilken back on the path, but each and every time the Rilken slipped from their grasp. The Rilkens began to rebel against the Skarn ways in a more violent fashion. As the stuggle to seperate become more heated, actual battles began to spring up between the Skarn and the Rilken.

The Skarn were much more capable fighters and were quickly overpowering the Rilken. The Rilken began to draw their allies into the combat. Humans, gnomes, and halflings began to fight on the side of the Rilken. The Skarn were on the verge of defeat when they finally decided to concede and call in allies. The Skarn had powerful friends: dwarves, elves, dragons, demons, and celestials all answered the Skarns call.

These forces proved vastly more powerful that the Rilken alliance. The desperate Rilken developed a terrible and powerful weapon: the Icarnum Incinerator. The Incinerator was a bomb that was fuelled by vast amounts of Incarnum. Once the Incarnum Incinerator was complete a calm voice echoed across the world: “There is no future”

Minutes after the voice there was a large eruption in what would become The Wastes. The Rilken and the Skarn were divided into two seperate races and Incarnum and the goddess Linniah dissappeared from the world.

Great War

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