Incarum Incarnate

Timeline Edit

Due to the DM getting ahead of himself there will be a little edit of the timeline of this campaign. You will still have returned to the Monastery of the Blue Rose after breaking the Wellspring. Furthermore, the death of all the monks will still have occured as well as Alex’s killing of the head monk Ryanne. What will have changed is that you will not have met Jamal, the man from the Society of the Learned.

When we resume you will all be outside (except Sheppard) collecting your thoughts on what just happened. Sheppard will be in Library as he was after the fight with the head monk.

Sorry guys.

This will make the plotline of the next even run smoother and not be jittery. Thanks!

The Re-emergence

Once the party had awakened, a great forest began to grow around them at an almost frightening place. Where the Wellspring had once stood was a great tree.

From this tree wildlife sprang to inhabit the new forest. The party left to return to the MotBR and departed what was once the Wastes.

The Wellspring

Your trip through the Wastes was a disturbing one. Wailing creatures could be heard from all around and you could feel their eyes boring into your back.

You were attacked by a group of monstrous scorpions that gave you very little trouble.

After staying one night in the Wastes you arrived in an area that felt different from all the rest. The air felt alive with energy, all of your anxieties melted away. It felt as if you finally knew what it felt like to be alive. You knew you had arrived at the Wellspring.

The large blue monolith floated above you and nearby on a rock sat the Guardian. She appeared as a little girl but you could feel power radiating off of her from a distance. You were wary at first but when she introduced herself as Linniah you knew she was speaking the truth. One of your party was far more stricken by her presence than the others.

Linniah spoke of breaking the Wellspring and releasing the Incarnum, but to do so you must forge a weapon from Incarnum. Anther party member was discovered to have an affinity for this such thing and was instructed on creating a weapon made from Incarnum. With three slashes the Wellspring fell and Incanum flooded back into the world. The party was stricken unconscious.

Monastery of the Blue Rose

After finding your way to the Monastery of the Blue Rose (MotBR) you encountered the strange blue creatures that were plaguing the wastes. Soon afterward, one of your party discovered that they are known as the Lost. After fighting a couple of battles with these creatures you soon decided to head into the wastes and put an end to their source…the Wellspring. But you were wary of the Guardian. An unknown creature who guarded the Wellspring.

What dangers lie in wait in the wastes?

Disturbances in the Wastes.

For months now there have been roumer trickling out of The Wastes of creatures and humans twisted beyond recognition. They moan with despair and fly into rages. The Monastery of the Blue Rose has been hiring people to act as guards to protect the monks for years but now with these new creature they are looking for people made of sterner stuff. Although the promise of pay has gone out, few people have answered its call. Are you willing to protect the monastery against these new abbarations? And if your lucky you may have a few questions answered by the Oracle of Arlienne who lives in the monastery.


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